This Woman Faced Harassment at ‘English Tea House’ and Spoke Out on Social Media

Sex and Sexual Harassment; two things Pakistanis still identify as taboo. As a result, victims of the latter refrain from speaking about their demeaning conflicts. Sexual Harassment is a serious issue and it’s about time the people of Pakistan respond to it as something that is a harmful predicament synonymous to shutting down an individual.

The reason I emphasize on the issue being serious is because even today, a large part of the population takes such an encounter as ‘accidental’ and we lack an appropriate response as a nation.

Talking about responses, let’s observe a recent case in which a lady decided to talk about her experience at a popular eatery: ‘English Tea House.’ Ladies and gentlemen, observe this young woman’s story and the response of the Pakistani Awaam.

Girl Speaks Up

English Tea House is a famous restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore that basically arose from being a small cafe. Owing to its posh setting, it grew as a popular destination for Lahore’s (presumable) elite. One Maha S. Khan had a displeasing moment on her visit.

@englishteahousepk English Tea House’s owners need to talk to their staff. I was at the Gulberg branch few days ago. I was seated indoors, besides the bakery/desserts shelf. Before we left, I asked my friend to take my picture. While I stood there, each of the staff member there stared at me, even after I shouted out loud, “Yeh sub mujhy kyun dekh rahey hain” ( I called them out 3 times :/ ) Not to forget the disgusting smiles on their faces… The entire staff kept staring and giggling until I left. Okay, so please don’t tell me the following: – Why were you taking a picture there? – Tumhy pata hai yahan saarey loug aisey hotey hain. – This happens in public places. – Must be your clothes. ( Refer to the picture, please ✋🏻swipe) In short, please don’t tell me that I am responsible for what happened. It’s better to clearly mention to the hired staff that this sort of behavior is not acceptable in any/whatsoever case. It’s not cool to look at a woman or any person in this manner. It’s utterly disrespectful. I hope the owners of the eatery will seriously look into this matter!

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It would soon be termed as a minor issue but kudos to Maha for speaking up about her experience; which is arguably the most difficult decision of all.

We now look at what happened when the people over at Facebook saw her post.

The Response of the Awaam

What we should have seen is people talking in support of her and appreciating what she decided to do: spread awareness, the first step. But we are ashamed of what the populace thinks.

How sad it is to see people taking this as a joke. Therefore, referring to my previous statement, people need to start taking this issue seriously regardless of the extent of the matter.

Apology from English Tea House:

Nevertheless, the management at English Tea House became aware of this Facebook post and decided to respond appropriately.

English Tea House Apologizes.
English Tea House Apologizes.

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