‘Hindi Medium’ starring Saba Qamar bags gold at Filmfare Awards 2018

Bollywood superstars rejoiced for a ceremonious 63rd time to celebrate the annual Filmfare Awards. Pakistan’s very own Saba Qamar played the role of a wife and mother in Hindi Medium which won the award for Best Film.

A comedy drama starring Irfan Khan alongside Saba, is based on aspiring parents who dream of their daughter studying in an English medium institution and thus be part of the city’s ‘elite’. The family changes their current lifestyle to fit into the English-speaking class. Their tries crumble into turmoil by some unprecedented turn of events as they mold themselves into personalities they are not.

One of Pakistan’s highest paid superstar of TV dramas and movie alike, Saba Qamar made her Bollywood debut in the award winning movie.

She plays the role of Irfan Khan's wife as Mita. Photo: YT
She plays the role of Irfan Khan’s wife as Mita. Photo: YT

Talking to a morning show host, the starlet had kind words on her nomination.

“Winning the award is a separate thing altogether. But your work getting acknowledged and appreciated is a huge achievement in itself.”

Saba Qamar made quite an impression in India; she was nominated for the award of Best Actress alongside other A-list Bollywood actresses, but the award eventually went to Vidya Balan.

Filmfare Awards are one of India’s most prestigious platforms that seek to honor the film community. The 63rd installment was hosted by Shahrukh Khan.

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