Premier League streaming rights war: Facebook and Amazon Prime could bid next

Since long, we have been watching Premier League games on television in a traditional manner. But in the future, Premier League streaming rights could go to online streaming services which could change the course of match telecasting altogether.

Premier League streaming rights have always ensured a financial stronghold for English clubs. Photo: Alexander Ottesen
Premier League streaming rights have always ensured a financial stronghold for English clubs. Photo: Alexander Ottesen

The Premier League streaming rights war has long stood a matter of standout position for the world’s biggest media companies.

And now, Facebook and Amazon’s streaming services are expected to hop in, according to the CEO of Manchester United Football Club, Ed Woodward, who expects the two giants to take part in bidding process for the broadcasting rights in 2022.

Talking to the Telegraph, Ed Woodward said:

“Absolutely I think they’ll enter the mix. Anecdotally there was strong interest in the last cycle, and we’are hearing that around the Premier League table, but we’re also hearing that from a European perspective as well in terms of interest in the Champions League and Europa League rights.

In the wider picture, you have to look at what’s happening elsewhere at the moment. There isn’t any clear European sale to these kind of partners at the moment. But looking at the interest Facebook and Amazon had in the Indian Premier League rights, anecdotally it sounded like very big numbers.

“So I do think we are going to see an increase in engagement from these and we would welcome the interest. I think it’s going to be increasingly important to digitally engage with fans, and we think can be complementary to partners like this coming in.”

As Mr. Woodward said, their interest isn’t new. It’s easy to establish Facebook and Amazon’s growing engagement in the sport industry by their recent steps.

For instance, according to reports, Facebook submitted a bid of 600 million dollars for Indian Premier League’s streaming rights, they however lost out to Star India’s bid, who took both the rights of television and streaming together.

Premier League clubs standout in transfer windows due to their ultimate financial power, part of which is due to the money earned by streaming rights.

In the future, as Facebook and Amazon Prime step into the Premier League streaming rights war, it is more than likely that it could take the cost of rights really high, fortifying their financial power because of an even bigger payout for the Premier League clubs.

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