Perceiving Beyond Human Intelligence – An Interactive ‘Baithak’ Session with Sadaf Raza

Spirituality and Sufism are some long forgotten and rarely discussed topics in the modern era. The notion that the modern society is too materialistic is just a soft blow. The reality is rarely understood and hardly ever discussed.

Sadaf Raza has to be one of those people living amongst us who knows what spirituality and preaching feels like. Most of us might even call her old-fashioned but in our messed up dusty lives, we would love to experience a warm light inside of us.

Sadaf Raza talks about youth and finding yourself

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She begins with expressing what she believes in most. She describes a simple problem that challenges us in our few years of life. She begins to explain how she faced the problem herself. In the process of forming an identity of yourself, you’re making your life more difficult than it ever has to be.

As young people, most of us are not satisfied with our life being easy and so simple; humans are in the habit of introducing complications and constraints that seemingly gives the conception of their existence being important and significant.

Existence precedes Essence; or not?


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The baithak session was directed to a popular philosophical dilemma first proposed by Jean Paul Sartre. The host of the session was prompt in putting forth the interpretation of the statement.

The idea that Existence precedes Essence is that –for human beings –there is no predefined pattern that we must fit into.

The implications, according to Sartre, are that we must create our meaning through individual freedom. This was the heart of Sartre’s concept of Existentialism.

The small interactive sitting was filled with arguments being tossed around the audience until the guest speaker was turned towards spiritualism – an important aspect of most philosophical and existentialist debates.

Students were confused as to how that ‘connection’ with God was to be made. Miss Sadaf shed some light on how human parameters are everything most people have. Experiencing this immense world and everything in it through this very small criterion is how we live our lives; this does not do justice with the reality of the universe.

Developing a sense of something much substantial than our mere existence starts with feeling, a sentiment and realization through the third eye – The Inner Eye. 

The event was organised in the National University of Science and Technology NUST, Islamabad. The NUST Literary Circle (NLC), a campus society of like minded literary enthusiasts, arranged the event as part of their regular baithak wherein similar debatable topics are discussed in an informal session.

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