Pakistan’s Music Industry in Shambles

Pakistan has recently scene a wave of new music that has been released with the recent edition of Coke Studio and the much awaited return of Pepsi Battle of The Bands. Furthermore, brands such as Strepsils and National have released a couple of tracks in an attempt to further market their product. These music releases however, have received a significant and worrying amount of criticism.

Critics claim that these platforms have killed creativity and produced a lack of new material with the recycling of old artists to cover old songs. Artists such as Ali Zafar and Noori, although have brought great fame and pride to the music industry, are now being called upon to cover songs by the greats that have passed us by. Even though this music has brought a new flavor and produced an uproar in the revival of the classics, the fact that the Pakistani music industry remains stagnant is open for all to see.

Some of the best Coke Studio songs of the past

Coke Studio’s season 10 has produced some masterpieces in the form of covers but the fact that these were all conducted by the same old artists has somewhat dented the brilliance. Everyone knows that Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, Noori, Salman Ahmed, and Strings have produced the most brilliant music Pakistan has seen in the last decade. However, their covers have bottlenecked the immense amount of talent hidden on the streets and underground bands.

Winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, 'Kashmir' might be able to carve a new face of Pakistan's Music Industry. Photo: OfficialFB
Winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, ‘Kashmir’ might be able to carve a new face for Pakistan’s Music. Photo: OfficialFB

Pepsi Battle of the Bands, on the other hand, has provided these artists with a platform to showcase their talent in front the entire nation, promoting new music and brilliance. 8 new bands were introduced to the rest of the world in all their brilliance under the mentorship of some of the greatest names in the music industry.

The fact remains that a single platform cannot expose the brilliant light that is being outshone by the shining stars already ruling the music industry. Rasta choro bhai is all we can say to the forerunners of the industry.

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